SA gas station in 1979 and the Speedway in 2022

Then & Now: SA/Speedway

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Here’s a look at the gas station on the northwest corner of Logan Avenue and Robert Street back in 1979 and today in 2022.

SA: 1979

SA in 1979
(Photo Credit: Minnesota Historical Society by Elizabeth M. Wehrwein)

Gas prices spiked during the 1979 oil crisis, averaging 86 cents per gallon, up from 63 cents the previous year.

Speedway: 2022

Speedway in 2022

The Upper Midwest Super America chain was rebranded Speedway in 2018 after being bought out by Marathon Petroleum.

Thanks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, gas prices spiked in 2022, holding steady at $3.99 at most stations in West St. Paul as of mid-March. The current average in Minnesota is $3.94, while last year it was $2.84.

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