West St. Paul Mayor Dave Napier delivering the state of the city address.

2022 State of the City Address From Dave Napier

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West St. Paul Mayor Dave Napier delivered the State of the City address last week at Southview Country Club.

“The last few years have been so challenging for everyone,” Napier said. “But our success did not stop, and I think it’s because of the investment we made as residents through our tax dollars—what we created people want to be a part of.”

The speech highlighted the progress made by West St. Paul in the last year, touching on public safety, public works, development, and parks and recreation.

Napier addressed the potentially tough topic of Hy-Vee not opening a store and what will become of that vacant land.

“To me it’s not tough, it’s exciting,” Napier said. “We believe it’s opened up the door for an opportunity we would never otherwise see.”

He said he’s excited for the possibilities of including some kind of community gathering space with the River-to-River Greenway Trail and the watershed reclamation project. He didn’t elaborate on specifics, but recent City Council meetings have hinted at different options.

“We’re doing so much, we have a great future ahead of us,” Napier said.

You can watch the address online thanks to Town Square Television:

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