West St. Paul City Council Chambers

West St. Paul City Council Preview: Sept. 26, 2022

We believe in government transparency and provide these West St. Paul City Council previews with your support.

West St. Paul City Council will cover several big topics—including a community center study, Hy-Vee redevelopment presentation, marijuana regulation, and a proposed Dakota County crisis and recovery center—mostly during work sessions before the regular meeting.

Park Master Plan and Community Center Study

West St. Paul is preparing to do a long-term park master plan, and part of that will include a feasibility study on a potential community center. The city has been in talks with surrounding communities and other potential partners, but fleshing out specific needs and costs is an important next step. A projected cost of a no-frills community center is in the range of $30 million, and that doesn’t include ongoing operations/maintenance.

The first-step conversation will happen during the Open Council Work Session (OCWS).

Hy-Vee Land Redevelopment Presentation

The Economic Development Authority (EDA) work session will include a presentation about a proposed redevelopment of the former Hy-Vee/YMCA property. No details were included in the agenda packet about the proposal.

Dakota County Crisis and Recovery Center

During the OCWS, Dakota County will make a presentation about a proposed crisis recovery center to go on the east end of the Dakota County’s Northern Service Center property. The 16,000-square-foot building would house intensive residential treatment services (stays up to 90 days, relocating 15 beds from South St. Paul), crisis residential services (stays up to 10 days), and a “welcoming place to go” 24/7 staffed by the Dakota County crisis team.

The project would be a partnership with Guild Services. Plans will come before the Planning Commission in November with construction hoping to start in summer 2023 and opening in fall 2024.

Marijuana Regulation

City Council will get the first look at proposed regulations for intoxicating THC products. The city passed a moratorium on new sales earlier this year so they could hammer out a regulatory framework. It includes licensing, zoning, a limit of two specialty shops, and other regulations.

Other Items on the Agenda

  • Explore WSP Days: During OCWS the Council will discuss this year’s inaugural Explore West St. Paul Days events and plans for the future, including shifting the dates to June.
  • Commercial grant: The EDA will consider an exterior improvement grant for Amore Coffee.
  • New officer: Mayor Dave Napier will swear in new police officer Anthony Tonda.
  • Property awards: After a hiatus for COVID-19, the city will give three properties the Outstanding Property Award.
  • Budget: City Council will approve the preliminary budget and levy for 2023 as part of the consent agenda. Continual budget refinement will happen through the fall before final approval in December, but this will set a maximum for potential property tax increases.
  • Expanded parking: Council will consider a proposed parking lot expansion for a Dakota County CDA apartment at 1675 Livingston.
  • Zoning ordinance change: Council will consider a first reading on a zoning ordinance change to clean up where the fees are listed and minimize future work every time changes are made.
  • Closed session: The EDA will have a closed session to consider the sale of 1619 Oakdale, the property at the corner of Oakdale and Wentworth that the city purchased earlier this year for redevelopment.

The public can watch the meeting live on Town Square TV or cable TV starting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday (5 p.m. for the work sessions).

Learn more about how city council works with our Guide to West St. Paul City Council.

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  1. BuildIng a city that’s fun & safe to live in with appropriate recreational, social & shopping opportunities while maintaining a decent infrastructure on roads, bridges, education, police & fire depts and encouraging environmentally sound practices would go a long way to enhancing the quality of life of West St. Paul residents. The building of yet another apartment complex at the Hy-Vee site IS NOT WHAT WEST ST. PAUL residents or the city needs!

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