Meet a Member: Joshua Przybylski

Meet a Member: Joshua Przybylski

We’re saying hello to some of our neighbors during our member drive, meeting folks who support West St. Paul Reader and make our neighborhood news possible. Today we’re meeting Joshua, a parent and freelance writer who has lived in West St. Paul for eight years. He’s one of the original supporters who backed the Kickstarter project that launched West St. Paul Reader and has been a member since July of 2020.

West St. Paul Love

What do you love about West St. Paul?

We have a wonderful blend of small-town community connection and big-city reach.

Where is your favorite place in West St. Paul? 

Wentworth Library is a favorite destination for me and my son. We love to bike there in good weather and spend time playing and reading.

What’s your go-to West St. Paul eatery? 

It’s got to be Beirut. I don’t even know how to begin picking a favorite dish, but I always leave full.

What is West St. Paul’s best kept secret?

Robert Street is our biggest and best-known commercial district, but the area around Smith, Dodd, and Annapolis has a great collection of dining and shopping options, as well as plenty of nearby parks.

What do you wish people knew about West St. Paul?

Where to find us on a map. No, we’re not between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Why did you move to West St. Paul?

I moved here to be with my partner, and she moved here to be close to her 96-year-old grandmother, who still lives in the house on Seminole where she raised 11 children.

Being a West St. Paul Reader Member

Why did you decide to become a member and support West St. Paul Reader?

Good local media is important and hard to find. I wanted to do what I could to support it.

What do you like most about being a member and supporting West St. Paul Reader?

I’m involved in the community in a couple of ways specifically because of the Reader. I serve on West St. Paul’s Environmental Committee, as well as working as an election judge, because of content published in the West St. Paul Reader.

What’s your favorite West St. Paul Reader story?

I’m a big fan of the City Council updates. They give me a good sense of what’s going on in the community, often before there are obvious signs of it.

Be a Member

You can join Joshua and support West St. Paul Reader. Membership starts at just $3 per month.

Thanks to Joshua for supporting our work and sharing his story.

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