200 members: Thank you!

200 Members!: Initial Member Drive Goal Reached

Last night we hit a couple of member drive goals:

  • Initial goal: 25 new or upgraded members.
  • Ongoing goal: 200 total members.

This is a major milestone and we managed to hit it less than halfway through our member drive.

We’re so grateful to see neighbors step up to support neighborhood news.


This means our members-only party will be a real celebration! Hitting 200 members also means we unlocked a new, locally commissioned postcard. We’ll unveil it soon.

What’s Next?

So now what? We hit our initial goal and our ongoing goal. Next is our big stretch goal—250 total members. 50 members is a big step, so we’ve added another ongoing goal at 225 members.

  • New ongoing goal: 225 total members and we’ll commission another local postcard and send it to all existing members. We love postcards! Finding local artists to capture West St. Paul is super fun, and we love to share that community spirit with our members.
  • Stretch goal: 250 total members and we’ll add coverage of school board meetings. It’s a big goal and an equally big expansion of our coverage. The ISD 197 school board meets twice a month and meetings can often last hours. But reporting on these meetings is an important measure of transparency and accessibility for the community.

Thank you for getting us this far in our member drive. You can help us go further and reach these goals by telling your friends and neighbors.

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