The intersection of Robert Street and Thompson Avenue in 1958 and 2022.

Then & Now: Robert & Thompson

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Here’s a look at the intersection of Robert Street and Thompson Avenue in 1958 and 2022.

Robert & Thompson: 1958

Black and white photo of Robert Street in 1958 looking south along the two lane road with farmland on the west and a gas station on the east.
(Photo credit: Dakota County Historical Society)

There wasn’t much on Robert Street south of Logan before 1960. In this 1958 shot, there’s a gas station on the east side of Robert, and in the distance a farmhouse (likely the William Stassen farmhouse, where Minnesota Governor Harold Stassen was born and raised).

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Robert & Thompson: 2022

Color photo of Robert Street looking south at the intersection of Thompson Avenue with businesses on the west and trees blocking the view of more businesses on the east.

Today Robert Street is fully developed with businesses on every corner and lining the street. Robert Street has also seen major upgrades since the 1950s when it was a two-lane road (and 1922 when it was first paved).

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