Meet a Member

Meet a Member: Mary Newton

We’re saying hello to some of our neighbors during our member drive, meeting folks who support West St. Paul Reader. Today we’re meeting Mary Newton, a retired nurse who has lived in West St. Paul since 1979. She’s been a member of West St. Paul Reader since February.

West St. Paul Love

What do you love about West St. Paul?

Property taxes.

Where is your favorite place in West St. Paul?

Sherry’s Treasures. Only place for women’s shopping experience.

What do you wish people knew about West St. Paul?

Quiet neighborhood.

Why did you move to West St. Paul?

Location was fabulous in the 80s.

Being a West St. Paul Reader Member

Why did you decide to become a member and support West St. Paul Reader?

To find out what the City Council is up to.

What do you like most about being a member and supporting West St. Paul Reader?

The articles.

Be a Member

You can join Mary and support West St. Paul Reader. Membership starts at just $3 per month.

Thanks to Mary for supporting our work and sharing her story.

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