Businesses at the eastern corner of Dodd and Annapolis in 1950 and 2022.

Then & Now: El Cubano

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Here’s a look at El Cubano at the corner of Dodd, Annapolis, and Charlton in 1950 and today.

1950: Gas Station

(Photo credit: Minnesota Historical Society by William Amacher Jr.)

Back in the 1950s, Wessel’s One Stop Phillips 66 station was located on this corner.

Transformation Over the Years

The location went through a number of transformations. Some of the more recent include:

2004: Turrito’s Pizza & Subs

(Photo Credit: Carolyn Swiszcz)

The space hosted Jessica’s Cakes and Katterri Designs floral studio in 2005.

2017: Taste of Love Bakery

(Photo Credit: Carolyn Swiszcz)

Taste of Love Bakery opened in 2013 but closed in 2017, never making enough profit to cover their startup debt.

2022: El Cubano

Today the location is home to El Cubano, the Cuban and Dominican restaurant that opened in 2019 to rave reviews.

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