Burger Time Closed Permanently

Domino’s Moving to Former Burger Time Space

Thanks to Cherokee Service and Clover Montessori School for their support.

The Domino’s Pizza franchise currently located in Doddway Center is moving to the former Burger Time space on Robert Street.

  • Timing: There’s no indication when the new Domino’s location will open, though they have permits and work has reportedly started.
  • Drive thru: Given Burger Time’s setup, this could mean drive thru pizza will soon be available in West St. Paul. But there’s no confirmation that they’ll retain the drive thru for ordering or if it will be used for pickup.

Why: The move precedes redevelopment plans for Doddway Center, which were originally pitched in 2021 and look to be moving forward later this year. The proposed plans call for less retail space and would mean evicting current tenants, including Domino’s Pizza. The chain is making a proactive move to claim available space.

History: Burger Time unexpectedly closed last November with little warning for employees and no explanation offered.

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