Yard sign: Senior Strong Henry Sibley Warriors 2020

Signs of Celebration for Henry Sibley Seniors

Thanks to Cherokee Service for their support.

Senior year festivities are looking very different for the class of 2020 thanks to COVID-19. But seniors at Henry Sibley High School are getting a big community shoutout in the form of yard signs. Approximately 100 people raised more than $3,000 to provide yard signs celebrating every senior at Henry Sibley—around 350 students.

“I’m on the planning committee for the senior party,” says Nicole Paradise, one of the organizers. “It seemed very unlikely that there will be a party, or even if there is it will be much different than it has been for previous classes. I thought it was important that every kid get acknowledged.”

Huge Helpers

The fundraising goal was met in less than three hours. Many of the donations came from community members, not just senior parents. There were families from private school, alumni, principals, school board members, the superintendent, and more.

An effort like this takes a lot of helping hands. Amy Robrahn came up with idea originally. The chairs of the 2020 Class Party Committee, Melissa Zelaney and Beau Heidelberg, also helped. David Carroll, Zelaney’s brother and owner of Dope Marketing, was able to lower the original estimate by half.

Darren Lindsey, Paradise’s husband, has also helped with everything, including sitting in the Sibley parking lot for hours last Saturday to distribute signs.

Graduation Ceremony Uncertain

So far there’s been no decision about a graduation ceremony, though the district is working with seniors on student council to figure something out.

“The whole thing is heartbreaking,” says Paradise. “I think the gravity is really starting to sink in for the kids, that they won’t return and all they are missing because of this. Especially the seniors who are athletes or are involved in spring activities.”

How to Get a Sign

Henry Sibley families who want a sign for their senior can contact Nicole Paradise (612.558.5810 or nicoleparadise@hotmail.com). They have volunteers willing to deliver the signs if families aren’t able to pick them up.

Or there’s another pickup time scheduled for Friday, April 17 from 9 to 10 a.m. at Henry Sibley High School. 

It will be a very different celebration this year, but congrats to the class of 2020.

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