"Vote here" sign in West St. Paul

2020 West St. Paul Election: Let’s Go to the Polls Poll

Thanks to Cherokee Service for their support.

The City of West St. Paul recently shared some surprising election facts, noting that the first 10 days of absentee voting in 2020 exceeded all absentee voting in 2016. Also, half of registered voters have already requested an absentee ballot. That shouldn’t be surprising, given the massive boost in absentee voting in the primary.

People are excited to vote and they’re voting early. So let’s do a completely unscientific poll of our own and see whether or not people are voting and who they’re voting for:

Ready to Vote?

(If you’ve got questions about voting, we’ve got details on where and how to vote.)

(Our poll is now closed)

Who Are You Voting For?

(If you’re unsure who you’re voting for, check out our voter’s guide for details on the candidates.)

Please remember that a silly online poll doesn’t mean a thing. The only vote that counts is the one on your ballot. Head out and vote.

Local election coverage happens thanks to your support.


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