Smith and Annapolis in 1950 and 2020.

Then & Now: Smith & Annapolis

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Here’s a look at the Smith and Annapolis intersection in the northwestern corner of West St. Paul.

Smith and Annapolis intersection circa 1950 (Photo credit: Dakota County Historical Society)

And here’s a look at the intersection today:

Lots of changes on this corner, including the shift from a street car transportation system to a bus system. Also, the businesses at every corner have changed. And if you look in the background, you can also see a change from the old water tower to the new cell phone tower.

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  1. My neighbor Pat and her late husband Jim told me about how you could once go anywhere in the twin cities by trolley. I’ve long seen the remnants of the trolley tracks as the asphalt cracks. It’s a reminder.

    About 15 years ago, I was asked by a woman whose name I forget to travel around the area with a video camera to collect stories.

    One woman we interviewed lived on a set back house on the south side of Thompson, just west of 52. I remember a street was named after Her family name. She’d lived in the area all her life, told stories about how a farmer would pick up kids in his horse drawn sled and take them to school.

    I can’t remember either of their names, and the woman for whom I shot the videos has the tapes.

    1. There’s an older, late 19th century brick home south of Thompson, close to Wentworth that is still there. Ask for Rebecca Snyder at DCHS/ Lawshe Museum because she would know the details.

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