West St. Paul City Council Member Lisa Eng-Sarne

Lisa Eng-Sarne: We’ll Continue to Do the Work for Women’s Equality

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West St. Paul declared the month of March to be Women’s History Month and at the March 8 meeting—on International Women’s Day—Council Member Lisa Eng-Sarne acknowledged the work of women who have gone before and noted that the work doesn’t end with a declaration:

“It’s International Women’s Day, so I want to thank those who have previously worked toward gender equity in this city. At our last Council meeting in February we declared this month Women’s History Month, and we will continue to do the work to back up that declaration. Right? So it’s not, ‘Here’s your declaration, you’re done, everything is equitable now.’ We know that’s not true, so we will keep working really hard. Thank you again to the women in this community who make great contributions to West St. Paul, to our state, and the entire nation.”

Lisa Eng-Sarne

Back in January, West St. Paul’s City Council became majority female for the first time in the city’s 132-year history. Nine women have served on West St. Paul’s City Council, starting with Devona Weatherhead in 1967. Jenny Halverson is the first and only woman to serve as mayor, with her single term starting in 2017.

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