World Famous Momo

When Does World Famous Momo Open?

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World Famous Momo is a new restaurant opening at 1318 S. Robert Street, between Pineda and Papa John’s. They hope to open by the end of May. They are now open. More details on their Facebook page.

They plan to start with a limited menu of four options and expand as time goes on. The space is pretty small and will be mostly focused on takeout and delivery.

This is the latest addition in a recent trend of more diverse food options in West St. Paul, including El Cubano, Thai Pepper, Mela Thai, and Tii Cup. And of course adds to our tradition of classics such as Beirut and Ali Baba’s.

What Is Momo?

Momo is a type of steamed, filled dumpling native to Nepal and Tibet.

The back half of the building at 1318 S. Robert is home to Royal Eyebrows and the building previously housed a currency exchange.

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