Intersection of Stryker and Crusader in West St. Paul in 1961

Then & Now: Stryker & Crusader

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Here’s the view at the intersection of Stryker Avenue and Crusader Avenue looking north in 1961, 1987, and 2021.

The intersection of Stryker and Crusader Avenues in 1961, 1987, and 2021 in West St. Paul


Looking back 60 years gives us a glimpse of West St. Paul’s farm roots.

(Photo credit: Dakota County Historical Society)


A lot of changes by 1987, with the road paved and the farm-to-residential transformation in full swing.

(Photo credit: Dakota County Historical Society)


Here’s the view in 2021, where the same houses are there from 1987, but the trees havematured. Look for more changes in the coming years as Crusader is redone next year and a new sidewalk goes in along the north side of Crusader.

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  1. Did you know that Crusader Avenue is named for the Saint Croix High school sports teams. The school that started St James church basement moved to its own building on land given to it on what was then a new street. Later they bought the Brady High and sold their property to the Catholic mission group that was housed at Brady.

    Gary Pagel


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