Pride in the Park postcard

Pride Postcard to Say Thank You

Last week we sent out a newly created West St. Paul postcard to our members to say thank you for their support. Our latest postcard celebrates Pride in the Park, an annual event in West St. Paul that celebrated its second year in 2021.

We actually held a coloring contest at Pride in the Park, but the weather put a damper on the art work. Rain created a water-color wonder out of one of the submissions as the marker colors bled into one another.

It seems fitting since Pride in the Park has been plagued by rain both years, but the rain never dampened the spirit of the event. If anything, huddling together under tents and shelters that first year made Pride in the Park an unforgettable experience.

This accidental artwork is pretty and incredible, so we picked it as our winner. We also cleaned it up a bit with some help from local artist Sarah Lew (you may remember her circle project).

Here’s a closer look:

Pride in the Park 2021 - West St. Paul, Minnesota

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Pride at Work

Not only did this artwork come about by accident, but it also didn’t have a name or contact info. Since we couldn’t award the $50 prize to a lucky contributor, we decided to donate the $50 to the Trevor Project instead. They’re the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people.

Everybody wins!

Postcard Power

This isn’t our first postcard project and it won’t be our last. We love creating local postcards. We’ve already commissioned local artists to create “Robert Street Boardwalk,” “The Road Home,” and “West St. Paul Rider 2021.” And we’ve got more in the works.

These postcards are our way of saying thanks to our members who support local news. We love celebrating local artists, creating local pride, and showing our gratitude.

You can support local news and help create our next postcard by becoming a member through Patreon. Membership starts at just $3 per month (pay annually and save 5%).

Thanks again to our members for supporting local news and making this local Pride postcard possible!

Pride in the Park postcards ready to go out

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