West St. Paul postcards

Creating West St. Paul Postcards

In an age of digital communication where nearly everyone is instantly reachable via phone, text, email, DM, or more, postcards are like snail-slow text messages to a friend. They take a few days to arrive and you’re limited in how much you can say.

Why even bother?

Because postcards are fun.

Who doesn’t like getting real mail? In a digital world, there’s something about the effort and care of a hand-written postcard. It communicates how much you matter.

There’s also a long history of tourist postcards touting the wonders of specific locales. People would send a quick note home sharing some of the joy of their trip.

That’s part of why we’ve focused on West St. Paul postcards for our member rewards. When people support us on Patreon, we send a postcard to say thanks. And not just any postcard—we commission local artists to create West St. Paul-specific postcards.

Here are the first two we commissioned:

We’re working on more postcards. As soon as we hit the 100-member milestone, we’ll send out a newly commissioned postcard to celebrate (we’re currently at 93 members).

There’s something wonderful about supporting local West St. Paul artists, sending out tangible goodies to say thanks, and creating something that celebrates West St. Paul. We love it.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting local news and creating West St. Paul art. You can support us through Patreon and help us create the next West St. Paul postcard.

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