3D rendering of Thompson and Oakdale roundabout

Thompson & Oakdale Trail & Roundabout Project

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A roundabout is coming to the intersection of Thompson and Oakdale in West St. Paul in 2023, as well as sidewalks and trails on both streets. The roundabout will improve traffic flow and safety at the intersection, and the sidewalks will fill several gaps. The trail includes the route of the River-to-River Greenway trail and will improve access and safety for the trail.

Project Details

The Thompson portion of the project includes sidewalk on the north side and trail on the south side. Thompson Avenue will also be re-striped to add a center turn lane.

These projects are part of a “turnback” that will transfer control of Thompson Avenue from Dakota County to West St. Paul. Dakota County pays for these improvements as part of the turnback agreement.

The Oakdale portion of the project includes sidewalk on the west side and trail on the east side. This is one of Dakota County’s highest priority trail gaps. The project was awarded $1.8 million in federal funding after being approved by the Met Council last year.

Public Input

There will be an open house for more information on the roundabout and sidewalk/trail projects on Wednesday, March 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Wentworth Library. There’s also an interactive map where you can submit comments and questions online.

Watch a 3D rendering of the project:

April 6, 2023 Update: Construction Begins

Construction on the roundabout and trail project is starting. Road closures begin April 10 for Thompson Avenue and April 17 for the Thompson/Oakdale intersection.

More details and updates on the project are available from Dakota County.

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