West St. Paul Reader Founder Kevin D. Hendricks standing in Harmon Park holding a drone remote.

Happy Birthday to Our Founder

Hi, I’m Kevin D. Hendricks, the founder and editor of West St. Paul Reader. Today’s my birthday. Help me celebrate by supporting this local journalism project through Patreon.

How Does This Work?

We started reporting on local news in West St. Paul back in 2019. We attend city council meetings, review restaurants, find out what’s being built on the corner, cover elections, research history, and celebrate the amazing things and people in West St. Paul.

We make this work thanks to our supporting members. They donate on a monthly or annual basis through Patreon, and it funds this news experiment. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and so grateful to the people who support it (thank you!). 

So this only works with your support.

Support Local News

Today’s my birthday, so it’s a convenient time to help me celebrate by becoming a member and supporting local news.

Join now through Patreon and you’ll get a handwritten thank you postcard featuring locally commissioned art, you’ll get an exclusive weekly email about what’s happening in West St. Paul, plus you can save 15% in my Etsy shop. 

More importantly, you’ll be making hyper-local journalism possible here in West St. Paul, which is really its own reward.

Membership starts at just $3 per month and you can pay annually and save 5%.

What Our Members Say

Here’s a look at what some of our members say about supporting West St. Paul Reader:

“I joined because the Asian Eats article was FANTASTIC! Prompted us to check out two of the restaurants for the first time. Planning to hit the entire list. What a contribution to our community.” -Darcy McKenzie

“Yessss! I am now a proud patron of West St. Paul Reader on Patreon, and you should be too.” Luke Abrahamson

“Hyper-local news is more and more important these days. That’s why I just became a Patreon of the West St. Paul Reader.” -Jessica Stabenow-Mager

(The photo above is a drone selfie taken while capturing aerial photos, which you can see in this recent article.)

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