Emerson Park in 1997 and 2022

Then & Now: Emerson Park

Thanks to Cherokee Service and Minnesota Locks for their support.

Here’s a look at Emerson Park 25 years apart in 1997 and today.

Emerson Park: 1997

Emerson Park in 1997

Back in 1997, West St. Paul parks had different signs—simpler and taller compared to today’s monument signs with plantings. In 1997, Emerson Park had different playground equipment. A warming house is also visible in the background from when the field was flooded to create a skating rink.

Emerson Park: 2022

Emerson Park in 2022

The park received new playground equipment last year and has the modern sign. Emerson Park’s tennis courts were also converted to pickleball.

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(1997 photo courtesy of the City of West St. Paul. Note: West St. Paul Reader is not endorsed, affiliated with, or sponsored by the City of West St. Paul.)

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