Stormwater Work at Wentworth Library

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Wentworth Library has lost nearly half of its parking lot to storm sewer construction. The good news is it should be finished in a few weeks.

What’s happening? As part of Dakota County’s Thompson Oaks wetland restoration project, they’re installing hydrodynamic separators to pre-treat stormwater before it enters the pond and filter out trash and debris.

  • One of three separators being installed is located under the Wentworth Library parking lot.
  • The footprint is only five parking spaces, but it’s 20 feet down.
  • That required more space for construction than originally anticipated. Signage will be going up today to better communicate to the public what’s being done.
  • When the project is complete, the parking lot will be restored to its previous state with no loss of parking.

Timeline: The parking lot work should be done in a few weeks—optimistically by November 14 and by November 21 in a worst case scenario.

Why is this necessary? Clean water. 25% of West St. Paul’s stormwater goes through the Thompson Oaks pond just north of the library on the way to the Mississippi River—and none of it has been treated before entering the pond.

  • The hydrodynamic separators are the first step in stormwater treatment.
  • A lot of trash historically ended up in the pond, so they anticipate a significant amount will be kept out thanks to the separators.
  • Usually these separators need to be vacuumed out once or twice a year, though this one will likely need it three times per year.
Construction work at Wentworth Library.

Nov. 22, 2022 Update: Work Continues

Looks like work is still ongoing and now they’re hoping to be done by November 28.

Board in Wentworth Library with updates on temporary parking closure.

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  1. We were at the Friends of Wentworth Library book sale this past weekend wondering about the parking lot construction was all about when we concluded the West St Paul Reader will let us know. Thanks Kevin, we can always count on you.

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