Carolyn Swiszcz studio tour

Studio Tour With West St. Paul Artist Carolyn Swiszcz

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Last weekend, West St. Paul artist Carolyn Swiszcz (of “West St. Paul Song” fame) gave a tour of her studio to some of our super neighbor members. Here’s a glimpse at the studio and the watercolor monoprint technique Swiszcz uses.

“Art-making helps me find mystery and purpose in daily life.”

Carolyn Swiszcz

Studio Tour

Swiszcz showcased a number of works featuring West St. Paul, including Harmon Park, Albert Park, Skadron Animal Hospital, the former YMCA, Granny Donuts, the tax and lashes building, and more.

“Swiszcz uses an unusual watercolor monoprint technique that gives even the bleakest imagery a dazzling, shimmery brightness.”

Star Tribune

After showing her work and talking through her process, Swiszcz led us through a demonstration of her watercolor monoprint technique, giving us the opportunity to make our own creations.

More West St. Paul Art

Swiszcz’s previous work that features West St. Paul, including the former Granny Donuts, the West St. Paul water towerCamelot CleanersRocco’s PizzaWest St. Paul Chiropractic Clinic, and Gallagher’s.

“I think the Twin Cities in general is a great place for art, but I realized I could do more to make my own little corner of town more interesting by writing about it, getting to know others, and being more active in the community.”

Carolyn Swiszcz

For a regular fix of Swiszcz’ artwork, subscribe to her zine, Zebra Cat Zebra.

Member Tour?

The Carolyn Swiszcz studio tour was offered to our ‘super neighbor’ members—those who support West St. Paul Reader at the $20 per month level as a perk of our recent member drive. Thank you to all our super neighbors for their ongoing and generous support.

Big thank you to Carolyn Swiszcz for inviting us into her studio, sharing her work, and giving us an opportunity to create art.

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