West St. Paul artist Carolyn Swiszcz

West St. Paul Artist Carolyn Swiszcz and Granny Donuts

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Carolyn Swiszcz is a West St. Paul artist famous for the “West St. Paul Song.” She’s done a number of local-themed works, including several that feature Granny Donuts. Now she’s in a video talking about her work and Granny Donuts.

“Art-making helps me find mystery and purpose in daily life.”

Carolyn Swiszcz

Gallery-owner Miyako Yoshinaga featured Swiszcz in a video exploring her art and process. Swiszcz talks about how she finds inspiration in local businesses with character. You also get to see how Swiszcz creates her artwork with a printmaking and collage process that’s similar to a musician remixing a song.

“I’m trying to make something familiar, but unexpected,” Swiszcz says. “Whichever way I can work more surprise into my work, then that makes me really happy.”

Granny Donuts by Carolyn Swiszcz
Granny Donuts by Carolyn Swiszcz

More Carolyn Swiszcz & West St. Paul

You can see more of Swiszcz’s work that features West St. Paul:  West St. Paul water towerCamelot CleanersRocco’s PizzaWest St. Paul Chiropractic Clinic, and Gallagher’s.

Her bi-monthly zine, Zebra Cat Zebra, also has plenty of West St. Paul references, including the Sad Park issue (that has turned into progress on our local art park).

You can see even more of Swiszcz’s work as part of our Better Politics, Please collaboration on Kickstarter, which includes a few nods to West St. Paul.

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