Lisa Eng-Sarne skating to her West St. Paul polling place for the 2018 primary.

Skate With Council Member Lisa Eng-Sarne

Last week we added a new reward to our Kickstarter campaign: Skating with West St. Paul Council member and retired Minnesota RollerGirls star Lisa Eng-Sarne.

“I’m tough, and that’s my reputation on the track. But I have a big heart, and I care a lot.”

-Lisa Eng-Sarne (Jan. 17, 2019 Pioneer Press)

Who Is Lisa Eng-Sarne?

Lisa Eng-Sarne with the Minnesota RollerGirls

After a strong campaign for city council last summer, Eng-Sarne lost in the primary—but then in January the city council appointed her to fill the remainder of Dave Napier’s term as he moved into the mayor’s seat. Since then she has served with distinction, fighting for West St. Paul at the state capitol, showing up in the community, and speaking up for residents.

A lot of that dedication and hard work comes from her time with the Minnesota RollerGirls.

Eng-Sarne skated with the organization for 11 years before retiring this spring in order to focus on her city council duties. In addition to her on-track fierceness as “Diamond Rough,” Eng-Sarne also served as the captain and led social media efforts for the league.

“I’m someone who, when I see a problem, I want to fix it.”

-Lisa Eng-Sarne (Jan. 17, 2019 Pioneer Press)

Roller Skate With a Council Member

Now’s your chance to roller skate with a former Minnesota RollerGirls star and a West St. Paul city council member. Whether you want to learn how to skate or pick up some fancy moves, Eng-Sarne will put on a skate party at a local park with a small group of our Kickstarter backers.

You’ll need to back our Kickstarter campaign at the $50 level (or higher) to skate with Eng-Sarne (who will not receive any compensation), but you’ll also get a host of other rewards—listed on our Founder’s Wall, a hand-written postcard featuring artwork by local artist Carolyn Swiszcz, a West St. Paul Reader button, and our West St. Paul coupon book (with more than $350 in value).

The Kickstarter campaign ends Monday, June 10, so act now.

Update: Now you can bring a friend with you to skate with Lisa!

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