West St. Paul Mayor Dave Napier

Mayor Meetup: Hang Out With Dave Napier

One of the rewards for our Kickstarter project is the Mayor Meetup, a chance to hang out with West St. Paul Mayor Dave Napier.

“I’m ready to lead the city and make it the best it can be.”

-Dave Napier (2018 Optimists Club Forum)

Who is Dave Napier?

Dave Napier is a life-long West St. Paul resident and supporter. He worked at the Dodge Nature Center for nearly 40 years and has a history of volunteering with youth sports and the Kiwanis.

Mayor Dave Napier meeting with Garlough students in the West St. Paul city council chambers.
Mayor Napier with students from Garlough for Mock City Council meetings.

Napier has the distinction of winning with the largest margin and having the least expensive (and successful) campaign for mayor in recent years. (He won by 25 points, which is the largest margin in a contested elections in recent history—not including 2010, which was contested but one of the candidates didn’t actually compete.)

First elected to city council in 2012, Napier ran for mayor in 2018 when Mayor Jenny Halverson decided not to run.

Napier has become know as West St. Paul’s greatest cheerleader. He’s emphasized bringing people together and getting broad community support.

“West St. Paul is not just my city, it’s all of our city.”

Dave Napier

Mayor Meetup With Dave Napier

Now’s your chance to hang out with West St. Paul Mayor Dave Napier. Whether you want to ask some questions or just soak up some of Napier’s infectious local pride, it’s an opportunity to interact with the mayor. Sure, you can interact with the mayor after a city council meeting or contact him anytime (he’s very approachable), but this is your chance to do it over coffee—and support a good cause. We’ll gather in the backroom of Amore with a handful of people for some snacks and conversation.

You’ll need to back our Kickstarter campaign at the $75 level (or higher) to attend the meetup with Dave Napier (who will not receive any compensation). But you’ll also get a host of other rewards:

  • Listed on our Founder’s Wall.
  • Hand-written postcard featuring artwork by local artist Carolyn Swiszcz.
  • West St. Paul Reader button.
  • West St. Paul coupon book (with more than $350 in value).
  • Plus, you’re helping people be informed about West St. Paul and building that local pride that Napier embodies so well.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Monday, June 10, and this reward is limited, so act now.

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