West St. Paul Reader

New Logo for West St. Paul Reader

We’ve got a new logo.

It’s all thanks to the first stretch goal for our successful Kickstarter campaign, so thank you for making it happen.

It’s a vast improvement from having the writer try logo design.

So who designed it?

The new West St. Paul Reader logo was designed by West St. Paul’s own Darci Read. She spent the last decade working in graphic design and marketing, but recently hung up the designer hat to become a professional quilter. She owns and operates a longarm quilting studio called Field Trip Quilting just across the border in St. Paul on Smith Avenue.

What is longarm quilting? Well, it’s not your grandmother’s quilting—the hobby has gone high tech. It’s basically a giant, computer-operated sewing machine that travels on a track to move over the quilt, rather than pushing a quilt through a smaller machine.

You can often find Darci at the shop finishing quilts for clients. Field Trip Quilting also holds sewing and crafting classes—look for a new schedule coming out in the fall.

And if you too want some local help for small graphic design projects, Darci hasn’t entirely let graphic design go. Give her a call.

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