West St. Paul Reader One-Year Anniversary

One Year of West St. Paul Reader

Thanks to Amore Coffee for their support.

One year ago today we published the very first post on West St. Paul Reader. It was a recap of the previous night’s City Council meeting. In the past year we’ve worked hard to help our neighbors know what’s going on in West St. Paul.

Thanks for getting us this far, and join us in celebrating our first anniversary.

A Year in Review

We’ve been busy over the past year. Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished:

What the People Say

And people like us. They really like us:

  • “Thank you, Kevin, for your informative and solid factual, writing.” -Pam Dyer
  • “I joined because the Asian Eats article was FANTASTIC! Prompted us to check out two of the restaurants for the first time. Planning to hit the entire list. What a contribution to our community.” -Darcy McKenzie
  • “You rock at what you do. I read every post. And it’s always info I would have no other way to get.” -Andy Berndt
  • “Thank you for sharing news about our community!” -Missy Keveles
  • “Your articles are an amazing resource for local news that you won’t find at TwinCities.com.” -Julian LaFerla

Help People Know What’s Going On

You can help us celebrate our one-year anniversary by supporting our mission to help people know what’s going on in West St. Paul.

We spend hours every week researching, writing, editing, and publishing news. There are City Council meetings to attend, photos to take, and stories to follow up on. These are stories you won’t find anywhere else. Your support makes it possible.

Join us by making recurring payments as a Patreon member (and get exclusive content and rewards) or making a one-time payment. Local businesses can also look into sponsorship or advertising opportunities, starting at just $25 per month.

Learn more about how you can support West St. Paul Reader.


If you enjoy West St. Paul Reader, you can thank our supporters. Our Founder’s Wall is an ode to the people who helped launch this site. Our members on Patreon also help keep us going.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and supporting.

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