Albert Park postcards

Albert Park Postcard

Last weekend we hit our goal of 150 members and sent out our latest locally commissioned postcard featuring Albert Park. It came just in time for our third anniversary. Thanks to our generous supporters who make local news possible.

The photo captures Albert Park at night, thanks to the work of local photographer Andy Berndt. The city landmark has a unique history as the first designated park in West St. Paul and also the smallest park (though despite what the monument itself claims, it’s not a record).

Want a copy of this new postcard? Become a member. (Though we have limited quantities, so act now.)

Albert Park postcard artwork

We Love Postcards

This is our fifth locally commissioned postcard. Previous postcards include “Robert Street Boardwalk,” “The Road Home,” “West St. Paul Rider 2021,” and “Pride in the Park.” We send these unique West St. Paul postcards as our way of saying thanks to our members who support local news.

You can support local news and help create our next postcard by becoming a member through Patreon. Membership starts at just $3 per month (pay annually and save 5%).

Thanks to our members for supporting local news and making this local postcard possible! Also big thanks to Andy Berndt for the amazing photograph and Sarah Lew for helping with the design.

All five of our commissioned West St. Paul postcards.

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