West St. Paul Rider 2022: New Postcard

For this year’s West St. Paul Rider community bike ride, we commissioned local West St. Paul artist Carolyn Swiszcz to create a new postcard. This is the sixth postcard we’ve commissioned to highlight West St. Paul, featuring the work of local artists.

We sent copies to all our members and attendees of last year’s bike ride. If you’d like a postcard, come see us at an event this summer (next up? WSP Pride). You can also purchase prints from our Etsy store.

West St. Paul Rider postcard featuring the silhouette of a bike rider with a tunnel in the background and a colorful sky.
West St. Paul Rider 2022 postcard by Carolyn Swiszcz

About the Bike Ride

The West St. Paul Rider is a community bike ride for all ages and abilities. It’s on Saturday, August 13 and includes several routes. Free registration will be available soon. Learn more.

About the Artist

Local artist Carolyn Swiszcz is known for the “West St. Paul Song” and work featuring Granny Donuts. She also publishes a zine, Zebra Cat Zebra.

About West St. Paul Reader & Postcards

Started in 2019, West St. Paul Reader offers community-supported, local news. We’re supported by monthly and annual members through Patreon. We’ve commissioned a series of West St. Paul postcards and send them out to members to say thank you.

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