"WSP Dome FTW" postcard by Travis Olson

Latest Postcard Features the Dome

We hit our goal of 200 members and sent out our latest locally commissioned postcard featuring the West St. Paul sports dome. Big thank you to our members who make neighborhood news possible—especially the new members who stepped up during our member drive.

The postcard, “WSP Dome FTW,” is the work of local designer Travis Olson. His colorful work brings the dome to life.

Dome did you know?

  • It’s officially known as the West St. Paul Regional Athletics Center.
  • First opened in November 2012.
  • Over 110,000 square feet of turf with a 78-foot high inflatable dome.
  • It’s freely available to walkers and joggers at set times, and they use it a combined 36,000 times per year.

Get the Postcard

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We Love Postcards

This is our eighth locally commissioned postcard. We send these unique local postcards to say thanks to our members and highlight West St. Paul (learn more about why postcards).

You can support neighborhood news and help create our next postcard by becoming a member through Patreon. Our next postcard goes out when we hit 225 members. Membership starts at just $3 per month (pay annually and save 5%).

Thanks again to our members for supporting neighborhood news and making this local postcard possible!

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