West St. Paul Reader postcards

Why Postcards? Saying Thanks & Highlighting West St. Paul

Whenever someone becomes a member of West St. Paul Reader, they get a hand-written thank you postcard in the mail. We think gratitude is important, but more than that, it’s an opportunity to highlight West St. Paul. In the midst of our member drive, let’s talk more about why we make and share postcards.

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Expressing Gratitude

First and foremost, we send postcards to members to say thank you. We could just as easily do that over email (and we do), but in a digital world there’s something great about getting a tangible, physical object in the mail. It communicates something deeper. 

In short, it’s neighborly. 

Commissioning Postcards

But we don’t send just any postcard. We commission local artists to create them. 

It’s an opportunity to highlight local artists, celebrate West St. Paul, and create something tangible. 

So far, we’ve created seven original postcards:

  1. “Robert Street Boardwalk” – For our very first postcard, we commissioned local artist Edgar Herrera to create this illustration of Robert Street.
  2. “The Road Home” – We celebrated our two-year anniversary with this colorful outline of West St. Paul created by local artist Sarah Lew.
  3. West St. Paul Rider 2021 – This postcard marked the route of our first annual bike ride along the River-to-River Greenway, illustrated by Edgar Herrera. 
  4. Pride in the Park – Rain created this accidental artwork at the West St. Paul Pride in the Park event in 2021. 
  5. Albert Park – Local photographer Andy Berndt captured this time-lapse, nighttime photo of West St. Paul’s smallest park, Albert Park.
  6. West St. Paul Rider 2022 – Local artist Carolyn Swiszcz created this view of the Robert Street tunnel for our second annual bike ride.
  7. Explore West St. Paul Days Parade – Our latest postcard celebrates the inaugural Explore West St. Paul Days parade with photos from local student photographer Sam Amundson.

Looking back at all these postcards, there’s a real sense of accomplishment that we brought something new and wonderful into the world. Well, these incredible artists did all the work, but we were thrilled to commission them. All thanks to the support of our members. 

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Next Postcard?

We hit 200 members earlier this week, which was our goal for another postcard. So a new postcard is going out to members right now. Here’s a sneak peek:

WSP spelled out in clouds with a rainbow backdrop.

Update: The newest postcard is now out.

We’ve got more postcards in the works. Join now and help us create even more postcards. We’ll unveil another new postcard when we hit 225 members. 

West St. Paul Reader postcards

Support Our Coverage

These local postcards (and, more importantly, our neighborhood news coverage) are supported by neighbors like you. We couldn’t do it without the regular support of our members. Please consider becoming a member and supporting our efforts. 

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  • Pay annually and save 5%.
  • Get a locally commissioned West St. Paul postcard, weekly member updates, and a discount to our store.

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