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Results for the 2021 ISD 197 School Board & Levy Election

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In the ISD 197 election, the levy renewal passes with 68% of the vote and Sarah Larsen, Marcus Hill, and Jon Vaupel win seats on the school board. The margin of victory for third over fourth was half a percent, some 91 votes.

Election Results: Levy Renewal

Vote Totals:Percentage:

Election Results: School Board

Candidates:Vote Totals:Percentage:
Sarah Larsen3,03916.77%
Marcus Hill*2,36313.04%
Jon Vaupel2,31912.80%
Robert Reese2,22812.30%
Mark Grondahl2,13311.77%
Stephanie A. Auran2,05411.34%
John Chandler*1,7159.47%
Timothy J. Aune9725.36%
Morgan Steele9215.08%
Elena Villarreal**3031.67%
(winners in bold; * denotes incumbents; **dropped out in September)

Election Trends & Notes

  • Turnout: The last contested school board race in 2015 had a turnout of only 5%, so it wasn’t hard to beat that measure. Unofficial numbers look like we’ll have a turnout of roughly 22%.
  • Close: With nine engaged candidates, this race always looked to be close. The final result was incredibly close, at 0.5%. The closest margin of victory in recent history was John Chandler’s 1.85% in 2013.
  • Diversity: Already the first Black school board member in ISD 197 due to his January 2021 appointment, Hill’s election victory makes him the first elected Black school board member in ISD 197. We talked with Hill last week about the value of lived experience on the school board.

Thanks to everyone who voted, thanks to the election judges for their hard work, and thanks to the candidates for caring about our schools. The best way to celebrate our democracy is to participate in it, and we’re grateful to do our part in helping voters stay informed.

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  1. Congrats. 197 for the levy and what it means for kids and community.looks as though you continue with a solid board. Best wishes Jack Lòss former 297supt1993…?…

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